We’re going to drain the swamp


There has been a handbrake on human flourishing in the West since the early 1970’s. A rapidly accelerating centralisation of control and wealth by a global oligarchy (the Blob) is happening and this never ends well for the ordinary person. Ask Stalin, Hitler, Mao and Pol Pot!

This needs to be stopped as soon as possible. However, there isn’t even one plan that we know of that outlines just how to do this let alone being executed. Meanwhile the “freedom movement” is badly fragmented while more and more parties set themselves up to split any support we may get from the public.

What can we do?

We can’t vote out or leave the United Nations, WHO, NATO or billionaires, etc. The Blob at the top gets their power and wealth from us via our elected representatives who’ve sold out. Every affected country must take control of their government and drain the swamp nationally and then globally over a relatively short space of time. We can then cut off the influence of the Blob and prevent it from happening again.

Our Plan

We propose that The UK becomes a beachhead in this fight. We will take control of parliament by fielding 650 aligned independent candidates at the next General Election. Once in power, these Independents will drain the UK swamp and help other countries to copy what we did.

This election campaign will be launched a month from now and will be run by 650 autonomous committees formed by local groups already active in the “freedom movement” such as Stand in the Park, Yellow Boards, Light newspaper distributors, etc. The campaign strategy and information will be provided centrally with input from leading research groups and academics.

It will be an unprecedented grassroots campaign. Our main aim is to show non-voters that this is something worth voting for at last and giving people the confidence that it won’t be a wasted vote. If the two main parties are closely matched and we can mobilise half of non-voters plus the protest vote then we will win a majority in every seat.


We need a single, simple call to action for the public like Brexit: just tick a box in a polling booth. We also need a simple call to action for all the “freedom” movement organisations: every chance possible, use your platform to ask your network to vote for their Independent candidate.

Most of all, we need unity. We must have one freedom candidate only in each seat. Two is suicide. All research and action groups, media, existing independent candidates and parties whatever their size must throw their lot in with this effort. If any freedom parties don’t support us we must sideline them and get their members to vote for us.

One crucial part of our strategy is to give traditional non-voters something that makes them feel they can engage with the election process for once. In the graphic above, just getting 40% of non-voters engaged means we only need a few points from the Tories and the protest vote and we can get a majority in every seat.

We have a detailed step by step plan to make this a success. We already have great support from many groups and believe that it can work.

Our Policies

All the freedom stuff. No NetZero. No lockdowns. No vaccine mandates. Withdraw from bad international bodies and treaties. Repeal bad laws. Look into currency issued as debt. Look into statutes vs common law and trial by jury.

We should be wealthier, healthier and happier than any time in history but we’re going backwards. That is deliberate and we will undo it, punish those responsible and make sure it never happens again.

Please Help Us

We’re launching in early October. Before then we need to do a lot of work. Despite the good will of many people, there are still lots of things we must pay for so we need money desperately. 

Please read the section below to see how your support together with our work actually contributes to making things happen. 

Your contribution really will help us fight for our future.


COVID 19 : 2020 – 2022

I set up Lockdown Truth in April 2020 and then Covid19 Assembly in September 2020. As part of Covid19 Assembly, between March and June 2021, I launched the Covid Deaths Audit with Clare Craig plus a whistleblowing service with Francis Hoar.

The deaths audit led to the Government changing the way they recorded deaths and revised their figures although not by much. The whistleblowing project yielded the Dr Sam White case against the General Medical Council which we won and the Dr Mohammad Adil case which is currently under appeal.

This activity attracted a generous donor who then backed three Judicial Reviews for us: 1/ MHRA approval of the Covid vaccine for under 18’s, 2/ stopping coerced vaccinations and 3/ the freedom to travel. The first two were refused and the third withdrawn later when restrictions ended.

In July 2021, Alan Miller asked for ideas on what the different groups could do together. He thought we might just send the same tweet out on a Friday. I was appointed to the steering committee and put forward the idea that we should call ourselves Together, as we were now working together, have a declaration like the Great Barrington Declaration but covering more general freedom. I presented my ideas for the branding, getting people to sign the declaration and what the website would be like.

The steering committee voted for all my suggestions and Together was born. I designed and built the website, wrote the declaration (which was edited by Laura Dodsworth), created leaflets for the August London protest, created multiple memes to share on social media, etc.

A month later, Boris Johnson cancelled vaccine passports which were about to be introduced. I like to think we contributed to that decision.

At that same time, the wealthy donor who had funded the legal actions gave me a one-off £20,000 donation to continue my work. I ended up spending it all on Together in September/October. I created and printed 2,000 placards, mostly the black and white Together “No Vaccine Passports” ones but also some of the yellow child vaccine ones. I also had 500 t-shirts made plus tote bags all with the Together branding.

The result was that we dominated the September and October protests in London. It looked like the whole movement was getting organised around vaccine passports/mandates. With the party conference season upon us, we started getting a number of influential MPs to publicly sign the declaration,notably:

  • Lord Sharpe of Epsom, Chair of the National Conservative Convention and a member of Boris Johnson’s front bench.
  • Graham Brady, Chairman of the 1922 Committee of backbenchers who can make or break a Prime Minister
  • Steve Baker who was gaining traction as a possible candidate to be Prime Minister is there was an anti-lockdown shakeup in the Cabinet

In November, our second Judicial Review with Jackson Osborne (stopping coerced vaccinations) was refused but in early December we were successful with the Dr Sam White case. Sam then launched a criminal complaint against the Government and others for their role in Covid.

Then the “Partygate” story was leaked. On December 18th there was another London protest starting in Parliament Square. I had 1,000 “Deselection: Give them the boot? Take Back Your Democracy” placards made for the event and there were still hundreds of the other two placards present so it was quite impressive.

That day, Lord Frost resigned from Government. An insider told me that lockdowns were now seen to be a leadership issue. On the Monday, Boris Johnson was due to announce a Christmas lockdown after his cabinet meeting. However, at the Cabinet meeting, he was told to shelve a Christmas lockdown and “Plan B”. Weakened by Partygate, Johnson couldn’t stand up to the Cabinet members who didn’t like the ever growing public backlash against lockdowns and vaccine mandates. As we know, that was the end of lockdowns and all Covid restrictions. Only vaccine mandates remained.

The Judicial Review with Stephen Jackson into stopping coerced vaccinations was resurrected in January 2022 and badged as being by Dr Steve James/Together. Obviously all the groundwork was done already so it was essentially a cut-and-paste job. The NHS100K supporters dominated the January protest in London. Added to Together’s presence, this appeared to be a joint effort. 

Even before the letter before action was sent to Sajid Javid he announced in Parliament that the vaccine mandate was disproportionate. That was the death-knell for mandates. On March 1st it was confirmed that mandates would be revoked two weeks later.

The whole movement worked tirelessly during that period and I’m very proud to have played my part in what was at least a temporary victory. I left Together at that point for various reasons but particularly as Alan Miller didn’t want to campaign on anything other than vaccine mandates whereas I wanted to fight the whole “Great Reset/Global Tyranny” thing!

CLIMATE : 2022 – 2023

Earlier this year, Not Our Future, my new organisation which many of you have supported, delivered a leaflet to every home in Oxford city in one day. The leaflet told the truth about how the proposed Oxford traffic zoning was really part of the Agenda 2030 Sustainable Development Goals ushered in under the guise of combating Climate Change.

This day of action really captured the public’s imagination. Firstly, 400 volunteers turned up to do the actual work. (Thanks again if you were one of them!) But it really hit a nerve with a protest the next month, Sandi Adams speaking to Glastonbury Town Council going viral and Thetford activists getting a councillor elected in May. All this added to the national LTN and ULEZ debate with Rishi Sunak already talking about changing some NetZero policies.

Again, if we all do our bit, we can start making things happen. Please help us by making a donation.