The Plan


Over the last century or so we have given our elected politicians temporary control of our nations as our representatives. However, this power has been abused and is now being used against us by the “Blob” in many ways but most notably as a means to ensure that power remains forever out of our control.

In order to shift the course of our future from the one being built for us by default to one we would actually like for our children, we need to bring about a lot of change. In order to change things we need to go back to first principles. We need to withdraw our permission, our power and our money from the Blob. We need to say “Not any more” and “Goodbye”.

The following is a plan detailing how we think this can be achieved quickly, globally and forever.

Our Goals

We want to get a majority of the electorate in each country to sign our pledge and promise to help each other work towards a good future and actively reject the future they have planned for us.

We will use that majority to achieve real, lasting change to the “system”.

We will then create a future together where humanity will thrive for a long time.

The Plan

When you want to achieve something it’s essential to keep that thing at the front of your mind and constantly remind yourself how important it is. The majority of the public only know the Blob’s version of the future whether it’s dystopian movies or news reports, etc. How can we achieve a good future if very few people even know what that looks like, or think about it regularly?

We need to enable people to actively switch from supporting the Blob to supporting humanity. Once our attention shifts from the Blob its power fades. So the key is to keep growing the number of people on our side one-by-one and removing power from the Blob.

Who are these people?

Everyone is our target but not everyone is in our sights at the same time.

The writer of “Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds” Charles Mackay said in his book “Men… go mad in herds, while they only recover their senses slowly, and one by one.”

We are going to organise that “one by one” to make sure it happens!

We will be reaching EVERYONE one at a time.

We will sow millions of seeds every day by delivering professionally produced leaflets to EVERY HOME, EVERY WEEK in the countries that need it.

Right Said Fred delivering leaflets in Windsor, United Kingdom

Only a small number of people will look at a leaflet. However, a small proportion of those people will then find themselves with a question in their head. A question almost always means the process is unstoppable. That’s the point when a trusted friend, family member or work colleague can provide them with the information, advice and support they need to become more aware of the problems that we face.

Everyone who signs our pledge will be asked to be there for people who have questions. We will offer resources and training to people so they can answer in the best way possible. We will never be asking strangers to approach strangers. The key is that we will be making use of existing, trusted relationships which are priceless.

We will never be attempting to turn around someone who is entrenched and not looking for answers. They will have to come around naturally. As everyone else around them changes their minds they will eventually come round but it could take years for some people.



  • Almost the most important aspect of this process
  • The use of existing, trusted relationships
  • People on standby ready to answer their friends’ and family’s questions
  • These people will have training, support and resources to help them to give the best advice possible


  • We want to carry out regular surveys about what people really think
  • These can be done in huge numbers almost daily using an app on volunteers’ phones.
  • We will create surveys asking people opinions on particular subjects. We could have a million opinions at the end of the day.


  • We will produce the greatest leaflets since the age of the pamphleteers!
  • We will deliver leaflets to every home every week
  • The truth in every home
  • Millions of seeds
  • Millions of people thinking about how serious the future is


  • A key part of the conversations
  • Easy to present and understand information to help people answers their friends’ and family’s questions

Training Guidance Advice

  • Helping people talk to those asking questions
  • Training online plus Zoom talks and real workshops
  • Support with questions and case studies
  • Resources such as slideshows and extra leaflets for specific issues

Bursting Bubbles

  • Individuals can promote the pledge on their social media, at work, at school, at church, at sports club, etc. We will give advice and support for each such as posters, industry specific leaflets eg police service, NHS, etc.
  • This will help reinforce the message those recipients are getting through their front door as part of our main campaign.

How to do this in real life?

We have more than enough resources to achieve our goals: 8 billion people.

This is a war. We need to act as if we are on a war footing. The war will be won using the very same thing the Blob uses to maintain its power: us. 

We have designed a system to manage volunteers locally on a global scale.

We will organise the biggest grassroots movement in history. We will mobilise and manage volunteers in a broadly similar way to political party local organisers. In the UK, people will be active at the electoral ward level and in the US at zip code level.

The whole process is sustainable (in a good way). Leaflets are relatively cheap so, for example, volunteers can get 20 local donors to pay £5 each to pay for printing. Perhaps the local printer is on our side and can do it for free or somewhere between the two. Whichever way it is, it is not prohibitively expensive.

On average there are about 2,500 homes in each ward/zip code which means about 20 volunteers could leaflet their area in one day. Obviously some local areas are much bigger and some are much smaller but the bigger the area is the more volunteers there will be so it will even out.

Imagine a busy election campaign lasting forever… that’s how Not Our Future will operate. Even if we win, we need to carry on to ensure it never happens again.

Role of the “Local Team”

In the UK, electoral wards have approximately 7,500 people which is about the same number as an average zip code in the US. We aim to get a Local Manager with a team of about five people in every area (ward/zip code). This local team will be extremely important and will be in charge of mobilising all volunteers from that area who sign up.

Once Not Our Future is established, we hope to have dozens of volunteers in each area. That is enough to achieve everything we want. However, we want to continue to grow until everyone is involved.

It is also important that this happens in the real world and not online. Once the Local Teams are established, they can continue without the internet for whatever reason.


Getting people to sign the pledge and encouraging signatories to become volunteers.


Facilitating the next level of “action” once we have large numbers of the public on our side.

What happens when we have a huge number of people signed up?

Once we have a large percentage of the electorate signed up we are in a good position to tell the Blob where to go.

At this point we will be able to say “We gave you this power. We’re taking it back now”. If they defy that then they are “stealing” the power and money from us. They can’t hide that.

There are hundreds of actions we can take which can be detailed later but all actions would be peaceful and lawful. We would consult with the people on future actions because our prime motivation is the return of democracy.

What’s the next step?

  • Sign the pledge
  • Share our website on your social media – continuously
  • Join us as a volunteer
  • Join a Local Team
  • Help the Local Team get their job done
  • That will bring success